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БЕСПЛАТНАЯ ДОСТАВКА, расширенная гарантия 3 ГОДА, все модели в наличии, зарядное устройство в комплекте.

About production

Lithium storage batteries of production of Radiotech Ltd. are patented in Russia and the USA. They contain to 150 W of energy in 1 kg of the weight, are durable (to 3000 cycles the charge/category), quickly charged and temperature resistant (from-20 C0 to +60), hermetic, maintenance-free, protected from deep discharge.

Radiotech Ltd. tailor-makes 12V lithium high capacity battery up to 400 Ah weighing only 38 kg, as well as system integration of batteries and chargers for them.

Batteries of the RT-LP and RT-L series don’t contain acids and heavy metals and are ecologically safe. If you are for the preservation of the environment and comfortable activities on the water, Join now!

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  • Weight reduction 4-6 times
  • Decrease of dimensions 3 times
  • Increasing the life cycle 3 times
  • Lithium batteries are hermetic and no maintenance
  • Don't contain acids and heavy metals, are ecologically safe
  • Lithium batteries have possibility of the accelerated charge within 1 hour
  • Charger as a gift to each battery